rest in the Ryukyoso lodge (simple lodging)

The Ryukyoso lodge is a one-story wooden mountain lodge-style house with one resting area, and is also opened to a field trip purposes.

facilities of the Ryukyoso lodge

  • resting area
  • washroom
  • men’s restroom
  • women’s restroom
  • there is no shop

accommodation of the Ryukyoso lodge

  • in case you stay at Takinoue Hot spring village, we recommend you staying at the Ryukanso inn; sister facility of the Ryukyoso lodge for the time being, on the opposite bank.
  • maximum of 7 people can use the resting area simultaneously.
  • bedding materials are not provided in the resting area
  • please note that cooking is prohibited in the resting area.


At the Ryukyoso lodge, please use the parking lots for getting on and off, loading and unloading luggage, etc..
For long-term parking, public parking lots are available on the opposite bank.

business hour and fee

  • business hours
    • 10:00pm to 5:00pm


  • phone: +81 (0)19-656-6103 sorry, in Japanese only
  • e-mail: click here