free-flowing hot spring

The buthtub was repaired with cypress wood

Hot spring bath at the Ryukyoso lodge contains a sodium chloride (hypotonic alkaline hot spring), and it has clear blue color with a slight sulfur odor. Hot spring, Its temperature at the well is about 100 degrees Celsius, is flowing to the bathtub. It is still quite hot however the hot water is cooled to some extent by the delivery to the bathtub, so when you take a bath, please add water over it according to your preferred tempreture.


Restoring and regenerating a bathhouse built in 1950s

The beloved bathhouse has undergone the necessary restoration for renewal. The layout and other aspects are the same as before, but the bathtub gets little wider than before due to the improvement.

business hour and fee

  • business hours
    • 10:00pm to 5:00pm
  • fee
    • Bathing only: JPY 700


  • phone: +81 (0)19-656-6103 sorry, in Japanese only
  • e-mail: click here